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 Master of the Female Half-Lengths, Mary Magdalene playing the lute (1505) - Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen


To empower women in Historical Performance, presenting music from the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic style periods. 


Promoting and supporting artistic, social and educational activities of women dedicated to Historical Performance through the engagement of chamber ensembles representing the Nine Muses: Erato, Ourania, Clio, Thaleia, Terpsichore, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Calliope, Euterpe.


Chamber music recitals, educational and social-oriented performances, the formation of The Nine Muses Baroque Orchestra, the production of the Mount Parnassus Baroque Festival, and the creation of the Mount Parnassus Scholarship to support women attending educational programs in Historical Performance. 


Mount Parnassus, from Greek Mythology, is the place where the nine muses came together to inspire others through Poetry, Philosophy, and Music. Once a year the Nine Muses Ensembles will organize a baroque music festival held in Alberta bringing together recognized musicians, artists and mentors from Canada and abroad.

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